sábado, 29 de enero de 2011

A piece of Tokyo

Thanks to Daydream Lily I've discovered Hello Sandwich a fantastic blog from Tokyo. It shows lots of photos taken there, with this retro style, plein of colour and so exotic for us...it looks that Tokyo is another world. It really inspires me! I wanna go! I've seen it in films and books. I've even write a homework for the university with Tokyo as scene. I like the asiatic minimalist style, or the kimonos...Words like tatami, kabuki, butoh, bento or soba, the shinkasen...bring me to fantastic lurban landscapes near to  other so natural  places. Murakami, Mishima o Soseki. Mizoguchi, Kitano...show us in images and words the tradition, history, habits and estetic from the other part of the world.
Have a nice weekend!

Soba (photo from Melissa Hom)
Photos taken from google

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